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Please join us for the second and last USPA Padel Tour event for 2016. 
Get ready for the second and last USPA Padel Tour for 2016. Oct 1st deadline. Rooms are blocked at The Houstonian Hotel for $135 dollars per night. Rooms are limited. Attendees may call or email 1-800-231-2759 or by 9/22 to make their arrangements by referencing the USA Padel Tour . 9/22 is the cut off, any rooms not picked up will be released on this date. 

Please go here or at Tournaments at  our website to register at the Tournament. A $15 annual USPA membership is required to play. 
We will have two divisions under Competition and Advanced/Intermediate. Prize money is only available for the Competition draw. Any questions please contact us




Women's Padel Team

Please wish our women’s team the best of luck on their journey to Ghent, Belgium at the end of this month to secure a spot in Lisbon for the World Padel Championships. They must win all three matches to qualify for Lisbon.
Go girls! 
“United We Stand"

Video presentation of Women's Padel USA Team

Women's USA Padel Team uniforms are here! Thank you Vairo, Nutricion Herbalife, Texas de Brazil, Aimee Snoots, Ana Mostajo, Andrea Comolli and Rossana Johnson for your sponsor collaboration with the Women's USA Team.   


List of the padel players from Belgium, Finland, Switzerland and USA

Round Robing and schedules:

Let's go Blue!!



Ranking Male
Rating: Competition
Ranking Points: 524,00
2 - Alexander Frias
Rating: Competition
Ranking Points: 291,00
3 - Jesuan Pipo Gonzalez
Rating: Competition
Ranking Points: 288,00
4 - Mike May
Rating: Competition
Ranking Points: 282,00
5 - Leo Contini
Rating: Competition
Ranking Points: 269,00
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Ranking Female
Rating: Competition
Ranking Points: 239,00
2 - Egle Petrauskaite
Ranking Points: 160,00
3 - Patricia Salazar Zenteno
Rating: Advanced
Ranking Points: 132,00
4 - Ana Moreno
Ranking Points: 128,00
5 - Aranza Gallardo
Ranking Points: 128,00
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Welcome to the United States Padel Association

Thank you to everyone for a successful 2014 year. Padel would not be growing in the United States if it were not for all of the new fans joining in the sport. Also a special thanks to the entrepreneurs that have taken a leap of faith in investing in padel infrastructure creating facilities for the public to play.  It is important in 2015 that everyone can work together to help the sport grow for club owners to the padel fans.

Anyone playing padel in the United States right now is a pioneer of what greatness will come for this fabulous sport. The USPA welcomes new facilities and investors to come to the United States and to be part of the success of padel in the US.  


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