Hello, players!
We are happy to share two important documents for your review. Please find them attached to download at the bottom of this notice.

- 2022 COMPETITION STRUCTURE: A very complete guide to the new structure for Tournaments and Competition from now on. 

- 2022 RANKING EXPLANATION: A very useful document explaining the new Ranking system and some important details to have in mind to understand the documents that will be released monthly with the updated ranking.

If you got any extra questions, you can reach Nick Frank at nick@padelusa.org.

The USPA is very committed with transparency and we are making a real effort on making all players and facilities be aware of all necessary information to really understand the Competition structure and Ranking system.
Our aim is to build Padel with sustainability in the long term.
We really hope all these efforts can make an impact in the Padel Industry in the USA.

Best Padel experiences ever! 

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