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We are happy to announce the official padel Club in Dallas at TbarM. Watch the video highlights for the opening this weekend. 




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The USPA is excited to be working with Diadora in promoting their premium line of shoes for men and women which are perfect for padel use. Proper padel shoes are recommended since padel is played on turf with a sand infill.   Regular tennis shoes do not have the proper soles for good court traction.  The Diadora line of shoes has the perfect design for optimal performance on turf padel courts.  The USPA recognizes Diadora as the premium shoe choice for padel.  

Women's shoes:

Women's S Blueshield Ag 

Women's S Blueshield Clay 


Men's shoes:

Men's S Blueshield Ag 

Men's S Blueshield Ag Fiery Red And Blue Estate


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USPA California Padel Open I March 4th-5th
3/4/2017 - 3/5/2017

First Padel Tournament in LA, California USPA Padel Open 2017. 

Thank you South End Racquet Club to hosted the event. Thanks Passion 4 Padel to sponsor the prices at the tournament with the cool sun glasses.

Good luck to all the padel players 

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