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More to come in 2018. If you want more info about the tournaments please let us know at info  

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The USPA wants to release the list of players for the Padel team. Congratulations to all the kids that have been chosen for Team USA 2017. Their names will be in the padel history books forever along with lasting memories. 

The USPA would like to thank all the coaches Claudio Trevisan, Galatea Cristaldi, Alejandro Regueiro, Juanra Fernandez-Lastra for their hard word and dedication to helping the kids compete in the world championships in Spain.



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USPA California Padel Open I March 4th-5th
3/4/2017 - 3/5/2017

First Padel Tournament in LA, California USPA Padel Open 2017. 

Thank you South End Racquet Club to hosted the event. Thanks Passion 4 Padel to sponsor the prices at the tournament with the cool sun glasses.

Good luck to all the padel players 

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