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First 2020 tournament -- February 7-9, at iPadel in Houston, Texas.

First time USPA membership click here

The USPA membership is due for renewal for 2020. Easy to renew online ( follow the 4 steps bellow):

1. Click user access in your profile     2.Introduce your email and password   3. Inside your profile click where it says "membership fees"    4. A new pop up screen will open you can pay credit card by paypal (if you have any issues please contact:   

Sign up at Competition Men's, Competition Women, Co-ed Advanced, Co-ed Intermediate, and Co-ed Beginners!

As a tournament that counts towards national ranking, players can enter one bracket.  So grab your partner and sign up today!  ALL players will get points toward their US national ranking!

Are you an Advanced player who wants to move up to Competition Men and Competition Women?  You can move up if you were 1st place Advanced (or 2nd place in Co-ed Advanced) in a prior USPA-sanctioned tournament!  But strategize wisely--because 4 matches lost in a row will scoot you back down to Advanced!  

Same for Intermediate and Beginners-- if you want to move up a division, just place 1st (or 2nd in a Co-ed bracket) in a USPA-sanctioned tournament!  

See you all in Houston!

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3 upcoming USPA tournaments-- mark your calendar and sign up at: 

Woodlands Padel National III from Sept. 27-29, 2019 at The Grand Sports Club.Sign up here

Houston Open 2019 from Oct 4-6, 2019 at iPadel Houston. Sign up here

USPA Las Vegas Open I from November 15-17, 2019 at Real Racquet Academy Las Vegas! Sign up here

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Last USPA Padel Tournament in 2018 @iPadel Houston. Sign up today 

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We updated the calendar 2018. Please take a look and ask us to know more details about next tournaments and competitions.

Thank you 

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We are excited for the sixth segment of the USPA Padel Tour that is happening on May 18th- 20th at iPadel Houston.  

Sign up and start accumulating your Tour points and improving your National USPA ranking!


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The USPA Padel tour is underway.  Congratulations to Padel life and Soccer for a great event.  Congratulations to the following players for winning their divisions. 

All players are on their way to accumulate points for the USPA Padel tour.   At the end of the eight tournament circuit across The United States the USPA will total all the points to see who won the overall tour.   The winners of the tour will receive prizes.  Thank you Dunlop for being our ball sponsor. 

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More to come in 2018. If you want more info about the tournaments please let us know at info  

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The USPA wants to release the list of players for the Padel team. Congratulations to all the kids that have been chosen for Team USA 2017. Their names will be in the padel history books forever along with lasting memories. 

The USPA would like to thank all the coaches Claudio Trevisan, Galatea Cristaldi, Alejandro Regueiro, Juanra Fernandez-Lastra for their hard word and dedication to helping the kids compete in the world championships in Spain.



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Next Tournament in USA. USPA Padel Tournament in Houston Sept 15-17. It will be hosted @iPadel Houston 

This time we will have 3 categories: Beginners(mixed), Intermediate/ advanced and Competition.  

Sign up here

Please if you need further information please contact or

Thank you


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USPA is happy to announce more dates in the USPA's Calendar 2017. We tripled our tournaments this year over 2016.  Thanks to all the clubs and USPA members for their participation.

Calendar USPA

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