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First 2020 tournament -- February 7-9, at iPadel in Houston, Texas.

First time USPA membership click here

The USPA membership is due for renewal for 2020. Easy to renew online ( follow the 4 steps bellow):

1. Click user access in your profile     2.Introduce your email and password   3. Inside your profile click where it says "membership fees"    4. A new pop up screen will open you can pay credit card by paypal (if you have any issues please contact:   

Sign up at Competition Men's, Competition Women, Co-ed Advanced, Co-ed Intermediate, and Co-ed Beginners!

As a tournament that counts towards national ranking, players can enter one bracket.  So grab your partner and sign up today!  ALL players will get points toward their US national ranking!

Are you an Advanced player who wants to move up to Competition Men and Competition Women?  You can move up if you were 1st place Advanced (or 2nd place in Co-ed Advanced) in a prior USPA-sanctioned tournament!  But strategize wisely--because 4 matches lost in a row will scoot you back down to Advanced!  

Same for Intermediate and Beginners-- if you want to move up a division, just place 1st (or 2nd in a Co-ed bracket) in a USPA-sanctioned tournament!  

See you all in Houston!

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3 upcoming USPA tournaments-- mark your calendar and sign up at: 

Woodlands Padel National III from Sept. 27-29, 2019 at The Grand Sports Club.Sign up here

Houston Open 2019 from Oct 4-6, 2019 at iPadel Houston. Sign up here

USPA Las Vegas Open I from November 15-17, 2019 at Real Racquet Academy Las Vegas! Sign up here

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The first official certification padel course in the US is happening in Miami at Wynwood Padel with hosts RPP, USPA and USPTA. Sign up now for this great opportunity to learn all the best secrets for teaching and understanding the game of padel.

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Mike May president of United States Padel Association and Brad Gilbert are hitting around some tennis balls and discussing the great potential of Padel in the United States.  Brad quote says: "There is no reason padel shouldn't be a great hit in the United States" click this link


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The United States Padel Association (USPA) is currently looking for youth to be involved with international tournaments. Get your child signed up today at your local club so that you do not miss this unique opportunity.

Please contact for more info. 


A club with 50 years of history
• Located in the Urbanization El Candado (The Padlock), is 
 called Club Real El Candado, has:
• 7 Crystal Padel courts, Central Court with capacity of 600
 spectators, court 1 with capacity of 250 spectators.
• Tennis, Golf Course, Club House, Yacht Club, Bar, Restaurant,
 Football field 5, Sports ground, Swimming pool, Harbor Sport, 
• Centro de la Raqueta INACUA, with 15 padel courts
• Club La Capellanía, with 11 padel courts


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You can sign up for the USPA Padel Tour 2017 hosted at the Houstonian Club. Please click here 

If you want a room at the club you can call the Houstonians and tell them that you are coming for the USPA Padel Tour 2017 Tournament. Double room $135  

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Please Click to watch three great padel points 

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Check all the action from Mexico 2015 at the World Junior Championships and padel news in Spain padel magazine 


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"The strong expansion experienced by the padel in the last decade is not the result of coincidence or chance. The padel sport has a number of features that make your practice something addictive.

Once you start you in it always want to practice it: thanks to its easy learning and that allows you to notice your evolution to practice it, always want to go back to grab the shovel and get yourself.

It is much better than social networks: the padel is one of the best excuses to stay with friends and enjoy a good time with them. Also the environment and the good vibes given off by this discipline favor relationships, increasing your chances of meeting new people and increase your contact book.

Since the padel is a fun and easy-to-learn sport, it is also a good cure for stress and anxiety. This makes it a good remedy against heart disease, in addition it allows to lose weight and tone your body while you practice it. With padel, you can burn up to 500 calories per hour and release endorphins which gives you a sense of well-being and helps you sleep better.

Padel develops psychomotor skills: vale as now you’re asking is that of psychomotor skills and why you should improve it. If we go to the dictionary we find the following definition “Relationship between the psychic of the human mind activity and the ability of movement or motor function of the body”. Basically and so we understand it better, thanks to the development of psychomotor skills could say that padel improves three basic systems of human beings: the motor system, allowing you to better control the movements of your body; the cognitive system, improves memory, mental agility, creativity, attention or concentration and prompt social or affective, allowing meet and face your fears, and improve your relationships with others".


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Hello padel fans. If you can take 5 minutes and fill out the questionnaire, we would appreciate it. The USPA is trying to compile data for padel in the US. We are looking for people who are living in USA no matter what nationality.

Click here 

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