ANNOUNCEMENT: USPA Host Tournament in New Jersey!

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USPA Update from Marcos del Pilar


After almost two fantastic years as President of the USPA, I write to announce that my objectives with the United States Padel Association are complete. 
I truly hope that our work over the last 2 years has forever changed the sport of Padel in North America.  

My personal and other business obligations now require me to pursue these objectives and give space to allow others to take our Association forward.  So, with immediate effect I am stepping aside in my role as President of the USPA.

I am thrilled to see the incredible growth of our sport over the last couple of years and I am looking forward to continuing to support the USPA with their initiatives. I will also definitely continue to add value to this beautiful game’s development while pursuing what has always been my mission in life – creating opportunities for others.  
My role may be changing but my commitment to Padel is for life. 

I have nothing but great words of appreciation, recognition,  and gratitude to all the Board members,  Committee members, and the great people that have supported me so much in this journey. Your continuous support and confidence gave me the energy to lead every single step we made together. I am and will always be very proud of the change we made and the magnificent milestones we achieved.
In my final duty to the USPA, it is my privilege to announce that the BOD appointed Martin Sweeney to take on the role of interim USPA President.  Martin will continue to be supported by the USPA Board Members; Scott, Pascal, Sid, Armando, and German.  This, plus the additional recently created committees with more than 45 volunteers, gives our Association a strong platform to take our sport forward.  

I know our USPA Board Members are keen to highlight that the new Association by-laws will be announced in the coming weeks. The USPA has been working on them for months and include a more transparent and democratic election process among other points that will facilitate the development of the sport with sustainability in the long term.

Finally you, the PLAYERS.  Thanks to each and every one of you. You all are our biggest assets and the foundations of our growth. You raise the bar every day and my most sincere congratulations on your involvement, passion and commitment.

You all will always have my back and I will always have yours!

I see a bright future for Padel in the USA and this is making me the happiest in the world!