ANNOUNCEMENT: USPA Host Tournament in New Jersey!

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USPA Opens Application Period for Clubs to Host 2024 Tournaments

The United States Padel Association (USPA) has officially announced that the application period for clubs wishing to host tournaments in 2024 is now open. These tournaments are a fundamental component of the Chosen Foods USPA Circuit and are pivotal in shaping the national competition structure.

The Chosen Foods USPA Circuit has witnessed exponential growth, doubling in size in 2023. With the momentum behind it, the circuit is projected to expand even further in 2024. These tournaments foster the growth of padel across the U.S. and inspire players nationwide to participate and compete at higher levels. Clubs have a spectrum of tournaments, ranging from the foundational USPA 100 events to the pinnacle of competition, the Major Championships. This diversity ensures that clubs of all sizes and capabilities can participate and contribute to the flourishing padel ecosystem.

One of the most significant aspects of the Chosen Foods USPA Circuit is its influence on the national rankings. The performances and outcomes of these tournaments directly impact the rankings, determining the selection criteria for the National Open, Senior, and Junior teams. This interconnected system ensures that the best and brightest talents are recognized and allowed to represent Team USA internationally.

Team USA is proudly sponsored by Padel Haus, Padel Lux, and Vaneck. These sponsorships underscore the growing prominence and importance of Padel in the U.S. and the commitment of these brands to champion the sport’s excellence.

The application window for clubs is limited, with the deadline set for November 5th. The USPA strongly encourages all clubs, regardless of size or experience, to seize this opportunity and advance padel in the U.S.

Club managers and owners are directed to the official website for detailed information on the application process, tournament guidelines, and other related queries.

2024 USPA Tournament Application

In conclusion, the 2024 USPA tournaments present a golden opportunity for clubs to be part of the burgeoning padel movement in the U.S. As the sport grows in popularity and stature, hosting a USPA tournament can be a significant feather in a club’s cap, fostering community engagement and elevating its status in the padel world.