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The Senior Panamericano Championships: Triumphs, Unity, and Unforgettable Moments

The international Padel community recently witnessed an exhilarating spectacle as the Senior Panamericano Championships unfolded against the stunning backdrop of Camboriú, Brazil, from December 6 to 9, 2023. 

Delta Padel Club: A Remarkable Venue

The heart of this gripping competition was the Delta Padel Club, nestled in Camboriú, Brazil. This remarkable covered facility boasts 12 top-notch courts, impeccable lighting, and exceptional service. The venue, a testament to the sport’s global surge in popularity, provided the perfect stage for the fierce competition that ensued. As the players battled it out on these premier courts, the Delta Padel Club became a focal point for showcasing the skill, determination, and camaraderie that define the world of Padel.

Triumphant Reflections from Cancun to Camboriú

The anticipation surrounding the championships was high, with some USA players able to attend pre-tournament training camps while others met their partners for the first time at the tournament. Team USA’s recent triumph at the Pan Americano Libres Championship in Cancun, Mexico, increased the excitement. Team USA secured fifth place against formidable opponents from Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil. The triumph serves as a testament to the extraordinary journey of American players, marked by grit, determination, and team spirit.

Diverse Challenges and Strong Camaraderie

Team USA faced tough competition from the top three finishers—Argentina, Chile, and Brazil. The level of play from these countries reflected the history of Padel in Central and South America and the games’ global surge in popularity. The experience offered an invaluable learning experience for the Team USA players. Despite geographical and training constraints, Team USA demonstrated a commitment to unity and a positive attitude, fostering strong camaraderie.

Standout Performances and Commitment to Excellence

The competition format initially grouped pitted pairs from each country by age and level in round-robin play before the highest-placed pairs progressed to the knockout stage. Pairs earned points for their country based on the final standings from their respective divisions. 

The following players progressed beyond the group play into the quarter-finals: Nancy Dingwell, Mariana Talarico, Guillermo Pantano, Manuel Barrantes, Patrick Baer, Santiago Gomez, Maria Betania Dufur, Giualiana Barrera, Ariel Chafrelli, Eduardo Diverio, Cristina Rasvetaieff, Jennifer Demsey, Fernando Alarcon, Juan Arraya, Omar Herrera, Fernando Franco, Gabriel Iniests, Lawrence Pascal. 

The stand-out performance on the men’s side came from Gabriel Arraiz and Radu Ionescu as they progressed to the quarter-finals in a very strong Mens 35 A division. Ana Magrini and Veronica Costabel performed extraordinarily well for the women’s team, winning through to the semi-finals before losing to the eventual champions from Argentina in a third-set super tiebreaker.  Despite facing intense competition, the players returned home with a renewed commitment to improvement and training to ensure they continue to grow stronger for future competitions.

Solidarity in Sponsorship

Before the tournament, the USPA proudly announced Padel Haus, Padel Lux, and Vaneck as official sponsors of the national teams, showcasing solidarity and commitment to the USPA and the sport’s excellence. These partnerships represent financial support and a shared vision for Padel’s growth and success in the U.S.

Coach Angel Espadas’ and Nicolas Clerc’s Vision for the Future

Reflecting on the championships, Coach Angel Espadas emphasized the need for continued hard work and competitiveness, stating, “We must respect that we’re the USA. We must be the best in all that we do.” In a statement, Nicolas Clerc expressed his optimism for the future, saying, “The US Senior Padel team just nailed it in the 2023 Senior Pan-American games. ‘It was not just about the games. It’s about becoming a family. We brought together top talents from all corners; you can feel the vibe; it was all cheers and high-fives. Even after matches, the support didn’t stop. Everyone was in it together. It didn’t matter if you knew each other or not. We all shared love for the game, Padel, and our country. Winning as a team!’”

Final Standings Showcase Team USA’s Progress









In conclusion, the Senior Panamericano Championships in Camboriú showcased the skill and determination of Team USA and the growing popularity and competitive spirit of Padel in the Americas.

For complete results, visit the tournament website.