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USPA Chosen Foods Cirsuit Crowns Year End Top Ranked Players

The curtain has fallen on another thrilling year of Padel in the USPA Chosen Foods Circuit, and we have our final rankings for 2023. From fierce battles on the court to nail-biting finishes, 2023 served up an array of action that solidified the sport’s growing popularity nationwide.

Women’s Open Domination

Egle Petrauskaite and Jordana Lujan reigned supreme in the Open Women’s division, claiming the top spot with a dominant 7,800. Their exceptional partnership left no doubt about their prowess on the courts. After trading victories over each with different partners in the first half of the season, Petrauskaite and Lujan paired up at the PADELphia Major in June and dominated the remainder of the season, going undefeated over the next five tournaments. 

The Open Women’s rankings saw Nancy Dingwall’s strategic acumen pay off handsomely. Dingwall played with four different players throughout the year, triumphing with three of them for an outstanding 5,140 points, earning her a well-deserved 3rd-place in the rankings. Dingwall’s adaptability and resilience inspired other players, demonstrating that intelligent tactics can pave the way for success.

Men’s Open Battle Royale at the top!

At the pinnacle of the rankings, we have a historic tie atop the Open Men’s leaderboard. Luis Estrada and Nicholas Agritelley both amassed a commanding 8,300 points, showcasing their unwavering consistency and elite skill throughout the season. Together, they won six tournaments. The veteran stars of Padel also shone brightly in 2023. Despite participating in only a handful of tournaments, Peter Alonso and Jacobo Blanco secured impressive 3rd and 4th place finishes in the Open Men’s category. Notably, Blanco boasted a perfect win rate, having conquered all three events he entered, partnering with Alonso. At the Master Finals, the final featured these four players. It was a fitting finale to the year, with Alonso and Blanco prevailing 7-6 in the third set. 

Team USA Bound:

These rankings hold immense significance, as they celebrate individual achievements and serve as a factor for Team USA’s selection for the World and Pan American Championships. With Padel Haus, Padel Lux, and Vaneck proudly sponsoring Team USA at these prestigious events, our top-ranked amateur players are ready for success in 2024. The competition for Team USA selection in 2024 will be fierce after FIP announced the Open and Senior World Championships in 2024. 

So, as we raise a toast to the top-ranked players in the USPA Chosen Foods Circuit, let’s also celebrate the growth of Padel in the USA. More than 1,500 players played in the USPA tournaments in 2023, many of them for the first time. This growth will continue in the future as more and more players in the USA discover and fall in love with Padel. The future of Padel in the US is bright, fueled by the dedication of its players, the unwavering support of sponsors, and the infectious enthusiasm of a growing fan base. Let the games continue! Year-End Open Rankings