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Unprecedented Triumph: Team USA Shines at the FIP Senior World Championships

Team USA

The FIP Senior World Team Championships was a stage where determination met excellence, and Team USA not only participated but left a mark of exceptional prowess and unity. This event showcased Padel’s growing strength and popularity in the United States.

Stellar Team USA Performance and Unity 

The outstanding women’s team finished 7th out of 22 countries, ranking first amongst teams across the Americas.  The men finished 9th out of 29 countries, including a watershed victory over Brazil. View complete results here.

The unity and spirit displayed by Team USA was a testament to all of the players and coaches forging a common goal of representing the USA at Padel’s highest competitive level for senior players globally. The support of Padel Haus, Van Eck, Padel Lux, and Bullpadel was critical to enabling the teams to travel and compete on the international stage in Spain.

Historic Achievements for the Ladies

Under the strategic guidance of coaches Angel Espadas and Richie Bailey, Team USA’s ladies’ performance was nothing short of spectacular. The women’s team emerged as the top non-European team, a feat Coach Espadas described as “an achievement few could have imagined.”

Led by the undefeated duo of Ana Magrini and Lisa Teer in the Women’s 55+ division, the US Women’s Team swept their group stage competition with back-to-back wins over Australia and Germany, successfully making their way to the Championship flight. The Ladies’ victory over Germany was a new milestone for the USA.

Mariana Talarico and Veronica Costabel’s outstanding performance in the Women’s 50+ National Pairs Competition resulted in an epic second place. They recorded wins over Chile, Finland, Italy, and Sweden before falling to France in the finals. 

Coach Espadas reflected on the journey, “The work done by all USPA committees to prepare for this World Championship in such a short time has been incredible. On the court, the performance of both our Men’s and Women’s teams was excellent.”

Richie Bailey, who shared coaching responsibilities with Espadas, emphasized the team’s spirit: “This was my seventh world championship, and it surpassed all expectations regarding team spirit. Our players gave their all on and off the court, functioning as a cohesive unit at 150% capacity.”

Men’s Team Historical Victories

The men’s team, led by Coach Nico Clerc, and Fernando Franco also had a historic run at the tournament. The men finished 9th, defeating Brazil 3-2, in a thrilling playoff for 9th. The US Men’s Team also notched victories over the Czech Republic, Finland, and Australia. Coach Clerc’s vision and leadership were pivotal as he coached tirelessly throughout the week. He noted, “We made history, and the world is taking notice of our skills and potential. Let’s continue to trust the process and push forward.”

Undefeated Ed “Por Tres” Garno of the men’s team expressed his pride: “It was an honor to represent Team USA. We continued to improve each match, culminating in a thrilling 3-2 victory over Brazil. There’s nothing like competing against the best players in the world in that atmosphere.”

Outstanding play was also recorded by Team USA’s Men’s 50+ pairing of Jared Palmer and Marco Mazzotta, as the giant-killing duo was undefeated in Spain.

Jared Palmer shared, “International team events like this are so much fun. It’s incredible to see teams from all over the world show up to represent their countries. So many people are passionate about Padel, and the competition is intense. Still, the best thing about it is making new friends and being a part of the global Padel community. We all love the game! Team USA finished in its highest position ever, and we are excited to put the work in to try and finish inside the top 8 in 2026!”

Looking Ahead for Team USA

As Padel continues to flourish nationally and globally, Team USA’s success at the FIP Senior World Championships marks an essential milestone in the sport’s development in the United States, heralding a new era of competitive excellence and international recognition. Part of the team’s success was a testament to the intense preparation facilitated by all USPA committees and the players selected, overcoming the challenges of limited time to deliver a performance that captivated audiences and elevated the team’s status on the international stage.