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United States Padel Association and World Padel Rating Announce Partnership

USPA and World Padel

USPA Adopts WPR as Official Rating Platform; RedPADEL Rebrands to WPR

July 8, 2024 – Las Vegas, NV — The United States Padel Association (USPA) is excited to announce a new partnership with World Padel Rating (WPR), formerly known as RedPADEL Rating. Effective immediately, the USPA will adopt the World Padel Rating-powered tournament management system, and all USPA-sanctioned events on the Nox USPA Circuit will be managed through this software platform. Additionally, the USPA will adopt World Padel Rating as its official rating platform.

World Padel Rating was launched in December 2022 as RedPADEL rating to enhance level-based play for tournaments and provide a comprehensive rating system for players. The system ranges from 0 to 21 and is designed to support accurate matchups for players at all levels, from beginners to top-tier professionals. It also tracks confidence levels for the accuracy of each player’s rating.

“Competitive play drives participation, and we are thrilled to offer this amazing platform to our members and clubs across the USA,” said Martin Sweeney, USPA President. “The integration of World Padel Rating and its powered tournament management system will create more opportunities for players at every level. We are confident that this will significantly enhance play across the country at every level.”

Charles Messow, CEO of World Padel Rating, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “We are delighted to partner with the United States Padel Association in one of the sports fastest-growing markets. This collaboration aligns with our vision to connect with padel communities across the USA and globally. Given that RedPADEL rating is now used by a majority of players from countries in the Americas, we felt it was the appropriate time to rebrand to World Padel Rating and allow us to further serve the global padel community.”

The phased roll-out of the partnership will ensure full integration by the end of 2024, with all RedPADEL events in the USA transitioning under the USPA umbrella, making all sanctioned events count towards USPA ranking points.

Key Details of the Partnership:

  • Adoption of World Padel Rating: USPA will use World Padel Rating as the official rating system.
  • Tournament Management System: All USPA-sanctioned events will be managed through the RedPADEL powered TMS
  • Phased Integration: Full integration by the end of 2024, with ongoing support for clubs and players
  • Member Benefits: All USPA members will now have access to full ratings visibility and statistics
  • USPA has 77 sanctioned tournaments across the USA including the US Open Padel Championships

For more information about the USPA and World Padel Rating, please visit:


World Padel Rating:

About the United States Padel Association (USPA): The USPA is the national governing body for the sport of padel in the United States, recognized by the International Padel Federation (FIP) and the American Padel Federation (APF). The USPA is dedicated to promoting and developing padel at every level, from local communities to the highest level of professional play.

About World Padel Rating (WPR): World Padel Rating, launched in December 2022, offers a sophisticated rating system designed to enhance level-based play for tournaments, club activities, and social play. The rating system is widely recognized for its accuracy and fairness, making it the official rating system of the USPA.



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