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Ethics and Compliance

Our Commitment to Integrity

The United States Padel Association (USPA), is dedicated to the highest standards of ethical conduct and compliance with all governing laws and regulations. As the national governing body for padel in the USA, we uphold the principles of fairness, honesty, and respect in all our activities and decisions. This commitment is the cornerstone of our mission to nurture and grow the sport of padel across the nation.

Ethical Leadership

The USPA’s leadership, including our Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers, is committed to leading by example. We recognize that ethical leadership is not just about avoiding improper actions, but also about proactively doing what is right for our sport, our members, and our community.

Compliance with Laws

Our Board of Directors and operational teams are well-informed and vigilant in adhering to the applicable federal and state laws that govern nonprofit organizations and sporting bodies. We ensure that our policies and practices meet or exceed legal and regulatory standards.

Transparent Governance

Transparency is fundamental to our operations. We strive to communicate openly with our members and stakeholders while balancing the need for confidentiality in certain matters. We believe that transparency earns the trust and support of the padel community.

Conflict of Interest

We have stringent measures in place to manage conflicts of interest. Our board members and volunteers are required to disclose any potential conflicts to ensure that the USPA’s activities are conducted objectively and in the best interest of the sport.


The USPA holds itself accountable to its members and the broader padel community. We invite independent reviews and engage in regular self-assessment to ensure we are meeting our ethical and compliance obligations.

Member Participation and Oversight

We encourage our members to play an active role in the governance of the USPA. Our board members are elected by and accountable to the membership, ensuring that the leadership of the USPA is responsive to the needs and interests of the padel community.

Reporting and Whistleblowing

We maintain a whistleblower policy that allows individuals to report, without fear of retribution, any activities that they believe may be unethical or in violation of our policies. All reports are taken seriously and investigated promptly and thoroughly by the USPA Governance Committee or outside independent review if required.

For any questions or concerns about ethics and compliance at the USPA or to file a complaint, please contact