USPA Ranking APRIL 2022

USPA Ranking APRIL 2022

Dear players, 
Please find below different PDF´s with all the USPA RANKINGS as of April, 22nd  2022.
The USPA is making a big effort in letting all the players perfectly understand where their points are coming from.
Starting in January 2022, we will release a monthly notice with different documents, including all ranked players in the USA within different categories as well as a complete explanation of them.

If you want to know more about the Ranking and/or Competition structure, please feel free to visit the link below where you will find a very detailed information for your review. 

For further questions, you can also reach Nick Frank at or German at

Best Padel experiences ever, 

MENS OVERALL Ranking April 2022

MENS OPEN Ranking April 2022 

MENS 1ST DIV Ranking April 2022 

MENS 2ND DIV Ranking April 2022 

WOMENS OVERALL Ranking April 2022 

WOMENS 1ST DIV Ranking April 2022 

WOMENS OPEN Ranking April 2022




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