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Board of Directors

Martin Sweeney


Governance and Finance Committee - Member

Martin Sweeney, who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, was elected to the USPA board in 2021. Martin’s journey with Padel began in Spain in 2009, leading him to pioneer the sport’s expansion in the Middle East. In 2013, he opened the first Padel courts at Emirates Golf Club in Dubai. His focus shifted to the USA, where he established the first dedicated Padel facility in Las Vegas, now operated by P1 Padel. Martin was part of the team that hosted the Padel Senior World Championships in Las Vegas in March 2022, attracting over 400 participants from 20 countries. Beyond Padel, Martin has a successful aviation career, founding several companies specializing in air-cargo brokering and airline representation. Having sold his principal business in 2018, he continues as a consultant.

Gabriel Perez-Krieb

Vice President

Competition Committee - Chairperson

Gabriel Perez-Krieb, living in San Diego, California, was elected to the USPA board in 2020 and is deeply involved in sports, particularly in Padel. Gabriel is the Chairperson of the Competition Committee. He is the Founder and Executive Chairperson of Taktika Padel and the Stingrays Professional Padel team in the PPL. In addition, Gabriel plays on the USPA Seniors Circuit.  Apart from his involvement in Padel, Gabriel is also active in various community and business organizations, including as executive Chairperson of Chosen Foods. Gabriel’s career spans over 30 years in multiple sectors, where he has applied his skills and abilities to contribute significantly to numerous industries. His dedication to Padel and his involvement in various community initiatives showcase his diverse interests and commitment to making a positive impact.

Ron Bobman

US National Teams Committee - Chairperson

Ron Bobman from Rye, New York, was elected to the USPA board in 2023 and is the Chairperson of the US National Teams Committee. Ron has demonstrated a solid commitment to Padel through active participation and contributions. In 2023, he volunteered as a member of the US National Teams Committee and the Sponsorships Subcommittee, which was vital in raising significant funds to support US National Teams. An avid padel player, Ron’s engagement with the sport extends from New York to Miami. His enthusiasm for Padel is shared with his daughters and friends across the US and internationally. His passion for the game is evident in his involvement in various padel communities in the US, Canada, Argentina, Spain, and England. Professionally, Ron has had a successful career in the financial industry spanning thirty years.

Sid Newcomb


Governance and Finance Committee - Vice Chairperson

Sid Newcomb, from Orlando, Florida, was elected to the USPA board in 2021 and serves on the Governance and Finance Committee. Sid is the National Director of H3Sports, a non-profit organization committed to providing professional programs for underserved communities. He also fulfills the role of Tournament Director of PPL. Sid is a certified coach in Padel, Tennis, Wheelchair Tennis, and Pickleball.  His illustrious coaching career includes achieving USPTA Master Professional status and earning recognition as an inductee into the California USPTA Coaches Hall of Fame in April 2023. Sid formerly served as the National Director of Certification and National Head Tester for the USPTA.

Alison Withers

Club and Membership Committee Chairperson

Competition Committee - Vice Chairperson

Based in Spicewood, Texas, Alison Withers was elected to the USPA board in 2023. Alison is the Chairperson for the Clubs and Membership committee and sits on the Competition committee. Alison has a 25-year career in the service and hospitality industry, progressing from a front desk agent to becoming a key member of Marriott’s Revenue Management Advisory Services team. An avid padel enthusiast, she rapidly progressed from a beginner to competing in tournaments within six weeks of starting. A USPA member since 2019, Alison actively volunteers, contributing to the USPA Competition Committee in 2023. Her passion for padel extends to traveling to and exploring new clubs and tournaments and embracing the community aspect of the sport.

Bill Ullman

Governance and Finance Committee - Chairperson

US National Teams Committee - Vice Chairperson

Bill Ullman lives in Brooklyn, NY, and was elected to the USPA Board in 2023.  He serves as Chairperson of the Governance and Finance Committee and is also a Vice Chair for the US National Teams committee.  He was influential in securing important corporate sponsors for the US Padel Teams. In 2022 and 2023, Bill was a member of Team USA at the Senior Pan American Padel Games in the 55+ category.  His enthusiasm for Padel has grown, complementing his long-standing passion for racquet sports. With his extensive experience on various boards and in the financial services industry, Bill brings valuable skills to the USPA Board and its mission to grow the sport of padel in the US.  An avid Padel player in New York and Florida, Bill participates in tournaments around the US. His racquet sports background includes being an All-American in college squash and a multi-time 50+ US National Squash Doubles Champion. Bill is honored to represent the US in international padel competitions and to serve on the USPA Board of Directors.

Larry Pascal

Governance and Finance Committee

Larry Pascal, who resides in Dallas, Texas, was appointed to the USPA board in 2024 and serves on the Governance and Finance Committee. Larry has also advised the USPA on sponsorship agreements and other legal matters for the USPA. Larry is a long-time racquet sports enthusiast, having played college tennis at the University of Kansas, where he won three Big 8 Team and individual championships. Larry has participated in multiple international padel events for the USA, having competed on the USA team that won the Pan American Amateur Championships held in Cancun in 2023 and reached the quarterfinals and semifinals, respectively in the FIP Sr. World Championships in Las Vegas and the Pan American Sr. Championships in Misiones, Argentina. Larry has an active international business law practice at a major international law firm focusing on mergers and acquisitions, where he has worked for over 25 years.