ANNOUNCEMENT: USPA Host Tournament in New Jersey!

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US National Team

Representing the United States in international Padel competitions is the ultimate achievement for amateur Padel players nationwide. As the national governing body for Padel in the USA, recognized by the International Padel Federation (FIP) and the American Padel Federation (APF), the United States Padel Association proudly selects and supports teams representing the USA in globally recognized competitions. These prestigious events include the FIP World Championships and the APF Pan American Championships, showcasing the best Padel talent in the Open, Senior/Age Group, and Junior divisions.
Being part of the US National Team is about more than just displaying exceptional skill on the padel court; it symbolizes the spirit, dedication, and passion of American Padel. Each team member embodies the pinnacle of sportsmanship and competitive excellence. View each team page via these links to learn more about the teams, the selection process, and other important information.

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