ANNOUNCEMENT: USPA Host Tournament in New Jersey!

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US Open

  • The inaugural US Open Padel Championships will make history when it takes place at the Ultra Club in Miami from October 2nd – 6th, 2024.
  • The US Open Championships will be a FIP GOLD tournament. 
  • The United States Padel Association (USPA) will host the tournament. It is set to be transformational for Padel and a landmark event in the United States for the world’s fastest-growing sport.
  • The Championships promise to be a festival of Padel, with multiple divisions and the unique setting of the Ultra Club, which is one of Miami’s premier Padel venues
  • Players and fans can expect high-caliber competition, exceptional facilities, and a vibrant atmosphere typical of Miami’s renowned sporting events. There will be something on offer for every enthusiast, from spectators and amateur players to world-class professionals
  • The tournament marks the fourth and final major on the 2024 Nox USPA circuit.
  • The US Open Padel Championships will feature a 32-pair draw in the FIP GOLD division for both men and women, showcasing the top talent in the sport, with players participating from the USA and other countries around the globe. 
  • The 32 main draw pairs will comprise of:
    • 26 pairs direct acceptance from FIP rankings
    • 4 pairs from qualifying
    • 2 wild card pairs chosen by the USPA
  • The 32 qualification draw pairs will comprise of:
    • 30 pairs direct acceptance from FIP rankings
    • 2 wild card pairs chosen by the USPA
  • All stadium court matches will be streamed, with select matches on courts 2 & 3 also streamed.
  • Alongside the FIP GOLD Divisions. Men’s and Women’s tournaments will be held for USPA points in divisions 1, 2, 3, and 4, offering a broad platform for players at various skill levels
  • There are currently more than 30 million active Padel players worldwide across 110 countries. At the professional level, there is an international circuit comprising approximately 5,000 players representing over 70 nations. 
  • In the US, the sport is experiencing extreme growth with 25 new clubs opening in the first half of 2024. This tournament offers a huge opportunity to showcase the sport’s growth in the US and provide a springboard to share the fervor nationwide.
  • Miami has the most clubs of any city in the USA and is the cultural heartbeat of the sport. Padel is also very popular with many of the city’s well-known celebrities, such as Lionel Messi, David Beckham, Dwayne Wade, and Jimmy Butler.
  • Registration for the FIP GOLD division will be via the FIP website and open in August.
    • To enter the FIP GOLD division, players will need to first register in PADELUNO. To create a PADELUNO account, players should send their first name, last name, date of birth, gender, email address, and their USPA (or home association) membership number, to 
  • Registration for the USPA divisions will also open in August via the USPA website. 
  • For more information on the US Open Padel Championships, please visit

About the United States Padel Association: The USPA is the national governing body for Padel in the USA, as determined by FIP and the APF. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the USPA is dedicated to promoting and developing Padel in the United States. Through organizing tournaments, certifying referees, selecting and sending national teams, and fostering player development, the USPA aims to elevate the sport’s profile nationwide and support its members in growing Padel at every level.

About Ultra Club. Located in Miami, Florida, Ultra Club is a premier sports and lifestyle destination that extends beyond traditional athletic facilities. It offers a blend of sports, wellness, dining, and social spaces, emphasizing community and luxury. Ultra Club is the largest padel facility in the United States and caters to avid padel enthusiasts and elite players. The club boasts state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor courts, advanced sporting technology, and high-quality equipment.

US Open