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The Volunteer Structure of the USPA

Our Strength and Foundation

The United States Padel Association takes immense pride in its volunteer-driven approach. It harnesses the collective energy, expertise, and passion of its members to govern and grow the sport of Padel across the country.

The Backbone Of Our Association: Volunteers

The USPA operates on the bedrock of volunteerism, with a structure that empowers members to take on leadership roles within the organization. From the strategic guidance of our volunteer Board of Directors to the operational excellence of our committees, volunteers are the life force of the USPA.

Click here to indicate your interest in volunteering with the USPA or at the US Open Padel Championships.

The Impact Of Our Volunteers

The USPA’s success and Padel’s progress in the USA can be attributed to our volunteers’ hard work and dedication. The insight and hard work of our members who step forward to serve have influenced each decision made, event organized, and program developed.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of elected USPA members who volunteer their time and knowledge to set the association’s vision and direction. These dedicated individuals come from various backgrounds and bring a wealth of experience to the leadership table. To serve on the board, one must be a member of the USPA and have served on a USPA committee for at least one year.

Board applications are taken in November of each year for a two-year period. Once the application period has closed, USPA members are called upon to vote on who will be the board members for the upcoming term. The board terms are staggered so that only half of the board is replaced yearly. 

Supporting the Board, our committees focus on specific domains crucial to the growth and integrity of padel in the United States:


Every USPA committee is powered by members who volunteer their time. To be part of a committee, one must be a dedicated USPA member and ready to commit to advancing our mission. Committee members play a critical role in operationalizing the strategic plans set forth by the Board and are fundamental to the USPA’s achievements. 

Committee applications are taken in December each year, and the committee members serve a one-year term. Members can and are encouraged to serve on a committee for more than one year. The respective committee chairperson and vice chairperson choose the committee members each year. 

To be on a committee, one must be a member of the USPA. The committee application period opens in November of each year through this application form. If you’d like to join a committee outside of the application period, please complete the form, and your information will be forwarded to the committee chair. 

US National Teams Committee

A team of volunteers dedicated to fostering competitive excellence and supporting our athletes in national and international arenas.

Governance and Finance Committee

Comprised of members skilled in organizational governance and finance, ensuring we operate with accountability and strategic foresight.

Competition Committee

A group that diligently oversees the equitable administration of competitions and the maintenance of national rankings.

Club and Membership Committee

This committee works tirelessly to enhance the relationship between the USPA, its affiliate clubs, and our growing membership base.

Junior Development Committee

Passionate volunteers who are committed to nurturing the talent and enthusiasm of our young athletes.