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NEW Clubs

Regardless of what stage you are in planning a new Padel club, the USPA wants to support you. The USPA encourages all current and new Padel clubs to join the association to grow together. To learn about USPA club membership, view the club membership page here. 

Below, there is an extensive list of frequently asked questions related to new clubs and the USPA; we recommend you read them all, and if you have additional questions, contact the USPA via email. 

If you are interested in hosting USPA Tournaments, please review the Tournament Directors page in the Competition section of the USPA website.

Supporting the USPA

The best way to support the USPA is to become a member!

If you would like to donate to the USPA, use the Donate button in the header. The USPA is a 501(c)3 registered charity and can provide a tax-deductible receipt.

For large donations with a specific intent, please contact 

For potential brand sponsorships and partnerships, please submit a detailed proposal to

Padel Clubs and Facilities

Check out the list of USPA Clubs on this website.

Only USPA member clubs are featured on the USPA website, please purchase your USPA Club Membership on the membership tab complete this form

Starting A New Club

  • Become familiar with safety regulations, local permits, insurance requirements, and specific padel court specifications.
  • The USPA strongly recommends that you only work with a court manufacturer that provides courts that adhere to the FIP Standards of Play, located here. 
  • The USPA strongly recommends that you only work with a court builder or installation company that is bonded, licensed, insured, and legally able to work in the USA as a licensed contractor. Failure to do so may jeopardize your club’s ability to get insurance or be covered against future insurance claims. Failure to do so may also jeopardize your clubs chances of having it’s construction permits approved by the local government building department.
  • Explore various funding options (loans, investments, etc.) to secure the necessary capital.
  • Join the USPA as a member club for benefits like tournament hosting and club visibility.

Please take note that the USPA does not offer direct assistance with construction.

Funding and Insurance

The USPA does not directly provide funding. You may explore these options:

  • Personal savings and loans
  • Private or public investments
  • Partnerships
  • Sponsorships

Yes, insurance for your club is essential. The USPA cannot provide specific insurance guidance. It’s recommended to contact an insurance broker. If you’re having trouble finding a carrier, other clubs have had success with Dustin Decker at

Tournaments and Affiliations

Yes! To host USPA-sanctioned tournaments:

  • Become a USPA Member and USPA Member Club
  • Learn about the tournament bidding process, under the Competition tab of the USPA website.

Benefits are:

  • Opportunity to host USPA tournaments
  • Increased club visibility by being listed on the USPA website
  • Potential for future membership benefits

Yes, there is a USPA membership fee for clubs and individuals.

The USPA’s primary focus is not on product distribution or retail. Our main areas are:

  • National rankings
  • National teams
  • USPA tournaments
  • Initiatives supporting industry growth

For potential brand sponsorships and partnerships, please submit a detailed proposal to

You may only use the USPA logo when promoting a USPA tournament hosted at your club. For other instances, please contact the USPA for approval at

Padel Coaching and Certifications

Padel Growth and Popularity

  • Padel is experiencing a remarkable surge in popularity worldwide. Here are some key indicators of its growth in the USA:

    • USPA Membership: Membership has grown exponentially from 325 members in 2021 to 1750 members in 2023, and over 2500 members in 2024. The USPA estimates that the number of members represents 5% of the total number of Padel players in the USA.
    • Padel Clubs: The number of USPA-registered clubs is expanding rapidly, from 30 in 2022, 70 in 2023, and now over 100.
    • Tournaments: USPA-hosted tournaments have increased significantly – from 15 in 2022, 45 in 2023, 75 in 2024.

Additional Resources:

Consider researching research resources like the Deloitte and Playtomic Report for further insights.

Staying Connected

To stay updated:

Working in Padel in the USA

The USPA doesn’t directly offer job placements or employ any coaches. We recommend you check out USPA Clubs pages on this website and contact them directly about potential employment opportunities or other Padel-related job boards such as:

Court Sports Coaches
Pro Tennis Jobs
Sports Pros Connect

For any specific questions, we recommend you consult with an immigration attorney.

Below is a very general overview of the process.

  • Secure employment: Find a padel club in the USA willing to sponsor your visa.
  • Consult an immigration attorney: An attorney is essential to determine the best visa option for you and guide you through the application process.
  • The USPA’s role (if needed): If you have an attorney and a visa sponsor, we may be able to provide an advisory letter in support of your application.

The USPA does not directly sponsor visas. However, if you have secured employment with a sponsor and have an immigration attorney, we may be able to provide an advisory letter to support your visa application. This will depend on your qualifications.

USPA Membership

Renew your membership on the Membership button on the USPA site. 

If your membership expires before September 1st, 2024, you will need to create a new profile.

Contact RedPADEL support directly via their website support system.

You must register on the RedPADEL website, if you continue to have technical difficulties:

  • Contact RedPADEL support immediately on the RedPADEL website.
  • Contact the tournament director. They can manually enter you, but they must enter you under the name that matches your RedPADEL profile and USPA membership email to avoid ranking issues.


Under the Competition tab of the USPA website.

If you see any discrepancies, please email with a screenshot from the tournament showing the error and contact the tournament director so they can fix the error if it is a tournament error.

Please check the ranking list and the tournament results sheets prior to contacting the USPA.